Or is it?

We were actually driving OUR RV off the lot!!  It was officially OURS!  And it was wonderful!  And we were screaming with joy!  And it was perfect!  And…

After the sun had gone down, and the next day began, we were happily loading up our new home with our things, eager to take our home up to Sedona for the weekend.  There were a few of  my dad’s neighbors outside, with their own RV’s parked in front of their beautifully manicured lawns.  The minutes ticked by.  One of them approached my dad.


One of them would take apart the Cat 550 engines and put them back together.  For fun.  He told my dad there was something wrong with the belts and that we should take it back to the dealer.  You’ve got to be kidding.  But there was no denying that something did indeed not sound right with the engine.  It was Friday, so we called the dealer up and we brought it in.  With all the things we had already packed up in it.  Including Avalee’s brand new Sunday shoes that she didn’t get to wear for the first time that following Sunday.  Oh well.  And don’t forget the baby doll she’s had since she was one.

When we heard back from the inspector we were told, “It’s a good thing you didn’t go up to Sedona this weekend.  You would have never made it.”  Well that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside as a brand new RV buyer – {the RV isn’t brand new, but it is our first RV}. Along with the belts needing to be replaced, the pulley’s ALSO needed to be changed.  Wow.

Now before you go on hollerin’ that, “You should have driven it,” or, “You should have had it inspected!”  Let me explain one thing.  Not only did we test drive AND have the RV inspected {no brainer}, we had the RV inspected by the CAT engine company in Phoenix.  It was not someone who our dealer knew. We are still dumbfounded thinking about how the heck any of that got past two inspectors, but at the same time I can’t help but think how incredibly grateful I am for the huge blessing it was that it happened literally the day after we brought it home.  Because it was so soon the dealer paid for everything to be fixed.  {I would not have paid for it out of my pocket!}.

A few days later we got to bring our RV home!  Again!  Let’s try this a second time…  The next day…  {insert an incredibly wicked witch laugh here}…

The girls and I were loading up our RV.  Yay!  Because my dad’s home is in a cul-de-sac we were fortunate enough to be able to let the slides out.  The slides in an RV are those funny things that stick out when you’re looking at the outside of an RV.  There are some long and some short.  Usually the short ones are for a bedroom, and the longer ones are for the front living area.  While we were looking for RV’s I noticed that the price went up $5,000 per slide.  Not even kidding.  We have 3 slides.  And the next RV we have will have four.  It’s amazing how big of difference even one slide can make.  I forgot to mention it earlier, but one of our wish list items for our RV was to have two slides in the front.  It makes our home look like a small apartment inside.  Heavenly.

As I was saying- The loading up commenced!  The slides were slid out.  Wait… No.  The slide was not going out.  Ugh.  Call the inspector Jerry.  Generator on- check.  Engine on- no check. Battery level full- no check.  Ok, will do.  Forty-five minutes later I call him back.  The slides went out.  Both of the front ones.  Perfect.  Night time came.  Let’s lock up and go to sleep in grandpa’s house a couple more nights.  One slide is not going in.  Slide still not going in.  Slide says out all night.  Steve is fuming.  Ugh.

Jerry, we have a problem.  Legally you cannot drive an RV with a slide out.  Thankfully Jerry is able to come out that morning.  {This whole time Steve and I are worried sick with the thought in the back of our mind that the dealer wont fix something and we’ll be stuck.  Not a good feeling}.  Yes we have roadside assistance.  Yes we have insurance.  And yes we have a warranty.  {For future reference- It is VERY unlikely that you will be able to get a warranty for the generator and the engine if the Class A motorhome has more than 95,000 miles on it}.

We discover that the motor for one slide is out.  I am given a battery for the motor to manually have the slide slide in and out.  Thankfully it’s not too difficult.  I would much rather use the battery then have to crank the slide in. Not fun.  We wait just over a week for the motor to come in.  By this point we have moved from Gilbert, AZ to Fountain Hills, AZ.  Technically we are in Fort McDowell but until three weeks ago I didn’t know that was even a town in Arizona.  And I’m a native.

Jerry’s son comes out to Fort McDowell and puts the motor in.  Now the other motor for the other front slide is not working.  Another motor is ordered.  Whoopdy Do.  And we are still waiting for it.  We got lucky.  I really am at a loss for words with the motors.  But don’t worry.  The fun didn’t stop there!

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home {?}

  1. I feel your pain with the RV!!! Such a bummer about your slides! We just bought a cute little RV (our second RV) and am hoping that nothing is wrong with it when we drive it off the lot in a few days time!


    1. Haha!! Oh man, it’s definitely never boring in an RV! I’m praying for you that nothing will go wrong with yours! How exciting you’re getting a new one!


      1. Super exciting! She is old so I’m sure there will be some problems. Head to my blog to see pics xx


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