The torture continues…

2016-05-01 12.48.05I wish I could tell you I didn’t remember the day before, and the day of, we finished loading everything up into the RV and headed to our first official overnighter as Full-timers.  But since its only been 23 days my memory is still intact for that day, unfortunately.

We had one more big, fat load to take to the storage unit.  How many trips can a family of four take to the storage unit?!  For the love of Pete!  This is where a match comes in handy.  We had just barely finished packing it up and it began to sprinkle.  Seriously.  And we had a mattress on the back of my sisters trailer we were borrowing, to take to someone who was buying it from us – out of the kindness of our hearts.  Why oh why?!  It was most definitely not on the way, but alas – it is in the past and done.  Thankfully my brother Seth, {isn’t he so helpful?}, went with Steve to unload the trailer and pack up the storage unit for the thousandth time.  I really don’t think it ever ends!  They both did not believe that it would all fit in there.  Amazingly it did!

Nighttime had been spent in our new home the past few days, considering we only had it for a few days at this point; the few days it wasn’t spent in the shop.  We were brand spankin’ new to the whole black tank/grey tank system.  Oh boy were we new.  When we bought our RV we did have Jerry {who has been working on RV’s for over 20 years, we are told} show us around and explain everything about the RV and how it all works.  It was about as helpful as flipping through a book and saying, “OK!  Tell me what you learned!”  One of the first days back at my dad’s house Steve realized that he didn’t know how to empty the fresh water tank!!  Ha!

I’m going to interrupt story time with explanation time.  Black tank.  Think of it like the black hole.  Whatever goes in there you can rest assure that it most definitely stays there.  Grey tank.  The other tank that holds dirty water used from the shower, and sinks – NOT the toilet {remember the black hole?}.  The fresh water tank.  When you are boondocking, dry camping, etc. etc. {i.e. no hookups}, you are not connected to any water or power source.  That is what you have the grey water tank for.  You can dry camp as long as you have food and a creek nearby.  Good times.

When you are at a campground you are hooked up to a city water source and electricity source.  Glamcamping.  Well, most camprounds/RV resorts will have hookups.  Some won’t.  When you first pull into a campground you will hook up the black tank and grey tank.  Let me explain some more in this explanation.  When you are emptying the black and grey tank they are emptied with the SAME tube.  Always always always do the black tank first.  Then you can use the grey tank to WASH out the black hole debris.  Kapeesh?  It will depend on who you ask as to whether or not you leave the tanks open when you are hooked up.  What this means is you have the choice to not have your tanks fill up while you are camped for however long – they will just empty as naturally as in an S&B.  But the downside can possibly mean that IF the campground gets backed up it can back up into your home on wheels.  I personally have never heard of that happening, and I think I’d about lose my pants if it ever did.  We won’t go there.

The fresh water tank is the tank you will use when you are not hooked up at a campground.  That is your sink water source, your shower source, and your wannabe bidet source.  You can choose how long you want it to last.  To shower or not to shower?  You can fill this wonderful fresh water tank up with just a normal hose.  I’d guess that’s how you would fill up an RV, fifth wheel, travel trailer, etc.  I have no idea how to empty it – that’s what Steve’s for.

This bidet contraption is another story.  Our poor eldest daughter is still not fond of it.  Alas, we are only 24 days into this journey.  Who wants to take wagers on how long it will take her to use it willingly?  Ha!  The workings of the wannabe bidet is another story.  It’s been a long work in progress.  But we’re getting used to it and I suppose will be used to it eventually.  If anyone has any magical tips on it for us I’m dying to hear them.  On with story time…

Brand spanking new.  You think that brand spanking new is a good thing.  Ha!  We were working so hard to fill the last of our home up to the brim.  Literally.  That’s what it felt like.  We are currently in our last and Final decluttering phase.  Ugh.  It’s the last right?!  Spending the last night in front of my dad’s place on Saturday April 30th was NOT a pretty picture.  Remember those blasted tanks?  Well, thankfully the black tank wasn’t overfilling but the grey tank was.  I don’t know how this happened!  Somehow or another the grey tank filled up and it started overflowing into the shower.  Why do I feel like an idiot writing this?!  I was SO tempted to go dump the grey tank in the closest retention basin, but unfortunately it is illegal.  I really honestly can’t tell you why we were not able to go dump it earlier but we didn’t or couldn’t or whatever.  And oh my holy heck did we suffer.  It was so bad {and this wasn’t even the black tank!}, that I had to sleep with a blanket over my face that night.  Why didn’t we sleep in my dad’s place?!  There is something wrong with this picture!

We woke up early Sunday, May 1st and took the last of our things out of my dad’s place and into our RV.  Steve had spent a good hour looking up RV resorts around Scottsdale, AZ so he could continue to work for sometime.  He booked one and away we drove into the sunset sunrise, with the most awful smelling RV you could possibly imagine.  I swear it could have killed us all off had we stayed in it just a bit longer.  I swore up and down that I would NEVER ever ever let the grey tank overfill again!  Oh my holy heavens I thought I was going to die on that 45 minute drive out to Fountain Hills.  It’s a miracle none of us killed over.

2016-05-01 14.11.38Finally! we made it to our RV resort.  Think of dry desert in Saudi Arabia, not beautiful palm trees and blue waters which is what I like to think a resort is.  We pulled up and Steve went to talk to the people in the office.  He comes back and asks, “So, do you want to go check it out?”

“No!  No I do not want to check it out!!  Just go park the dang RV so we can dump the blasted tank!”  I was not a happy camper at this point.  Ha!  Steve’s so good.  Our spot was picked and we backed into it on a nice, hot and ugly day.  Aleena sat down on the tire block and then I wondered what the heck we were doing with our life as I watched Steve back the RV into our new spot called home. It hit us like a ton of bricks.  All of us.  Aleena started to cry that she just wanted to go back home.  Avalee I think was having a party with the rocks.  Steve was wondering how in the world he was supposed to learn how to empty either tank.  And I, I was wondering if we just made the biggest mistake.  It was very dramatic and surreal how it just sort of hit all of us at once.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day.

I looked over at Aleena and said, “Aleena, I know it’s hard right now.  I know we’re wondering what the heck we’re doing.  I bet you we’re going to get to the point real soon where we look back together on this day and say to each other, ‘I’m so glad we decided to buy an RV and go on this adventure.’  I don’t think we will ever regret doing this.”

The adventure continues, and the problems don’t stop…







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