Where’s a match? and other exciting things…


I really don’t know how we drove down the road with this much stuff in our RV.  This is opposite of the highlight reel you see on Instagram.  This is the reality TV show side.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Ha!  You may be wondering where the implementation is of my own advice -to just get a garbage bin and start throwing things in; well, the answer is I don’t know.  But!  It is looking much better as of today.  Thankfully.

Most of the stuff here has since either gone to Goodwill {donated to the thrift store}, been thrown away, or been properly stored.

Looking at this picture I also have no idea how we had our very first visitors, my dad and his wife, come to visit.  Miraculously we did, and we even had an amazing dinner in our new Instant Pot.  I highly recommend one, especially if you are in an RV, on the go all the time, and if you like to eat.  Which is pretty much everyone.

We had not yet used the washer/dryer combo and Steve thought it was a fabulous time to try it out.  That evening he had the bright idea of starting it, at 11 pm.  Now had we known what it really was like having the washer going we most definitely wouldn’t have started it.  For the record, I did try to persuade him not to start it.  Husbands -this is why it’s good for you to listen to the wife!  The washer propelled us onto a flight that felt like a rocket.  The night continued with comments like, “We are now preparing for take off,” and, “We seem to be encountering some turbulence ahead, please fasten your seat belts,” and my favorite, “Please sit forward with your chair in the upright position, fasten your seat belts and make sure your table is securely put away in front of you.”  Thank you Steve for that wonderful ride on Flight #dontstartthewasherat11.  I will never forget it.

I don’t think we could have guessed how many problems can go wrong for people just starting out in full-timing life.  I mean, we knew that RV’s break down and have all kinds of issues.  But we most definitely did NOT anticipate what has gone wrong.  Dang it.

Another thing we had not used at this point was the shower.  Why would we use the RV shower when we didn’t even know how to fill up the fresh water tank?!  Luckily we have short people problems and all of us fit in the shower.  Not at once though.  Ha! I believe the next exciting adventure occurred the day after our midnight flight.  We were trying to fill up the grey tank so it was closed, and we had all the sinks and shower going so we could fill it up faster in order to dump the black tank.  I think it was about 20 min later and the grey tank was finally filled up.  During that time while Steve was outside he noticed a huge leak going on outside.  It looked like it was pouring rain just inside one of the underneath storage’s.  In an RV any leak is a bad leak.  It could have been anything!  We had 4 different things running when the leak started.  After the process of elimination, and Steve inspecting the shower and realizing a huge strip of cocking was coming out we finally pinpointed it.  We got to make the trip, again, out to the dealership and they, thankfully, took care of yet another exciting adventure.

Unfortunately on that trip out to the dealership the slides did not get the final fix.  We were heading to California in the next few days and were hoping they would have been.  Ah well.

Less than a month into full-timing we were on our way to our first big adventure.  Disneyland!!! We got our tickets for Disneyland, Universal Studios, and the Malibu Beach RV Resort.  On May 17th we left, earlier then we were planning which was the 18th, at 11 pm.  Something about 11 pm.  Ha!  It was our first time boon docking {no hookups, not plugged into anything, relying only on our freshwater tank}.  Man we thought the grey tank smelt bad?!  Oh boy we had no clue.  The black tank can rival any smell in the world.  That ain’t no brownies baking…

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