Q & A Time!

We’ve been living in our RV for exactly two months now, two days ago.  It’s incredible how much you have to learn within that first month.  Your brain feels like it’s frying.  And you almost want to throw the electronics out the window when you can’t figure out how to get WiFi everywhere you go.  It’s the fulltimers on going struggle.  #thestruggleisreal

As you can imagine, we get asked quite a lot, like A LOT, of questions about this new lifestyle we’re living.  In the true spirit of a Q&A, I will do my best to answer them here, now.

  • How long are you going to do this?  {Probably the MOST asked question}

Umm, that’s a good question.  Ha!  Well, our goal is to hit all 50 States in America, and of course some parts in Canada, like BC and Prince Edward Island {who doesn’t love Anne of Green Gables?!}.  Honestly, we love, really love living in an RV.  The girls, our daughters {which we just happened to say – “the girls” like you know what I’m talking about}, love meeting new people at church and friends to play with at the RV parks we go to.  Believe it or not they’ve found friends at everyone of them.  We’re thinking it will take between two and three years to see all the States, but you know what, if we are loving it as much as we are now, I/we really don’t see us stopping then.  We’ll just go around again and see all the stuff we missed!  {I’m really trying to convince Steve of going from coast to coast living in a boat after this- we’ll see!}.

  • How do you get mail?

Our “home” base for mail is my {Stacy’s} dad’s house.  We get other mail, like Amazon {yeah!!!} at the RV camp grounds.  Super simple.  Just ask the people at the office what address to use.  And usually you don’t add your site number.

2016-06-28 19.41.42 (1)

{Right outside our door in Arizona}

  • What do you do for work? {Directed to Steve- He really loves this question- ha!  He gets asked this by e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.

He is an accountant.  No it is not a remote job.  Yet.  {A remote job is one that allows you to work from anywhere.  You just have to have WiFi.  Hence the reason I haven’t thrown the electronics out the window}.  He is currently looking for a remote job.  {Just FYI- there are tons of companies that have remote jobs.  You can find some at www.flexjobs.com and elsewhere.  Just google remote jobs}.

  • When are you leaving Arizona?

Welp, that’s a good question too.  We haven’t left Arizona because when you’re living in an RV things definitely go wrong.  For the first month of living in it we were taking the RV to the dealership to be fixed every weekend.  When you don’t have it you can’t pack it up, you can’t take it out; all those things that you NEED to do before you go off on a huge adventure.  Most people don’t understand that when you’re packing up all {or most} of your earthly possesions it’s not just a pack it up and go type of thing.  I guess for some it can be, but we are newbies here!  It can be a little, or a lot!, intimidating when your grey tank is overflowing, or you have a leak, or when the engine overheating buzzer is going off!  Thankfully we’ve had some time to get really acquainted with all of this before we head out up the west coast.

2016-06-26 19.24.58

{Sedona, Arizona}

  • What did you have to leave behind and give up?

{Sob … sniff…whine} My pantry!!!  We had it SO good in our home in Mesa!  Go hug your pantry for me.  Ha!  Ok but really, there were a ton of things that were pretty hard to give up when we first moved from our home in Mesa, AZ out to my dad’s home during our transition.  We were a part of an Amazing Homeschooling group that felt like our second family.  Our daughters had made the best of friends there and our family had made amazing friendships with other families.  This was the hardest thing for me to give up.

Our daughers were in piano lessons, one was in a program called Let’s Play Music {the BEST piano program ever! I cannot speak highly enough of it}, and she had to quit the program a year and a half early.  This is one thing I feel the most regret about as a parent.  I am the kind of person that will find a way to make something work no matter what so I researched and found a piano program that would last our daughters their whole life- http://www.hoffmanacademy.com.  Mr. Hoffman is the Best.  We have a full length key-board in our RV and the girls practice piano as part of their schooling.  {The only thing I’m having a hard time finding something that works is online dance classes, especially clogging.  Anyone that has any online dance classes, let me know!}.

Space.  I honestly can say none of us hate anything about living in an RV.  We’ve done pretty well adjusting to RV life in the space aspect of it.  Yes there’s somethings we would like to change about our RV but now we know what we want exactly in our next one.  Ha! The bathroom is almost non-existant.  You have almost no closet space- who needs a shoe rack?  Seriously? And space for my books.  Hence the book cart.  We just won’t go there.

2016-06-22 19.33.16

Bedtime. What is That?!  Ya, it’s definitely gone out the window.  I don’t know where it went.  I don’t know if it’s coming back.  Oh sanity.

  • How much does it cost to live in an RV per month?

This is such a loaded question.  Let me explain all the variables- Boondocking/no boondocking, driving a lot/driving a little, warranty/no warranty, lots of repairs/no repairs, full coverage insurance/basic coverage insurance, Thousand Trail membership/no Thousand Trail membership, cable/no cable, jet pack/no jet pack, RV payment/no payment …..  and the list goes on and on and on.  SO!  This is what we have, this is what we chose for our lifestyle.  We don’t do a ton of touristy stuff but that will change with each state.  Each month is so different driving too.  Oh!  And, it definitely depends on how many MPG your RV gets, and what type you have, and if you tow a car or not.  This is not a simple answer.  We have a Class A Fleetwood Diesel, 39ft, and we tow an Accord.  Definites for us are Insurance, Warranty {if possible}, and Roadside Assisstance.  Depending on your lifestyle it can cost as little as $1,000 and as much as $5,000 a month.  I really couldn’t give you an estimate for what your lifestyle would look like.

2016-04-15 11.38.26

  • How do you still go to church and be a part of a church group?

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints {LDS, Mormons, it’s all the same}, when you are in a S&B {stick and brick} you are a part of a ward.  A ward is made up of boundaries.  Those in your boundaries is your congregation.  As we travel around the country we use LDS church house locator.  It helps us find which ward is closest to us, what time it’s at, and who the bishop of that ward is {the bishop is the leader of that ward}. So far we have been to several different wards.  It is so very interesting to see the different dynamics of each ward.  More on that in a future post.

Latter-Day Saints also have what we call Visiting Teachers and Home Teachers.  We are individually as women, and as families for the men, responisible for checking in on our assigned sister or family each month.  It is an inspiring way to help us look after our brothers and sisters.  When we were first getting things into place to go on this journey this was a big question on my mind- can we still have visiting teachers and home teachers?  I went to a member of the Stake Presidency {a Stake President and his Counselors preside over several Bishops}, and asked him.  He said absolutely!  With modern technology we can Skype, Face Time, email, call, send a letter in the mail, snap chat, you name it!  Yes, we still have visiting teachers and home teachers.  God looks after you no matter where you are in the world, so why can’t the wards?


{Snowflake Arizona LDS Temple}

  • What made you want to do this?

This answer is a little different for both Steve and I.  For Steve it’s not just one thing.  He’s always wanted to have a Class A motorhome.  He didn’t know about living in one, but of course to drive it!  He {and I!} LOVE to travel and go places we’ve never been.  He {and I!} wanted a change in our life.  It was really hard for me {Stacy} to get out of the house a lot, and so living in a motorhome gives us the opportunity to just take our home with us.  I really believe he was born to drive an RV.  He literally shouts for joy {Wahoo!} every time we are on the road drving to a new place.  He Loves it.

For me, it’s not just one thing either.  When my mom was here {she passed away in 2014 – #cancersucks}, she always wanted to go to Switzerland.  I don’t know why she was so fascinated with Switzerland in particular {don’t get me wrong it is Beautiful!}, but she never got to go.  She didn’t get to live that one big dream of hers.  As a daughter, even if you didn’t get along with your mother, you wish you could make that one wish come true for her and reverse time.  So, when we got this idea to live in an RV and go to every state in the country I wasn’t about to pass that up.  I’m a big believer in achieving your dreams.  I feel in most circumstances, that if you believe you can do something – you’re right.  If you believe you can’t- you’re right.  I choose the former.








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