The Happiest Place on Earth, should not smell like this…

Driving at night is definitely scarier then driving in the day.  It’s comparable to Star Tours at Disneyland where everything is flashing before your eyes.  At 11 pm is when we headed out California bound.  Our first Really Big trip.  With Disneyland at the forefront of our minds it helped abate the feelings of apprehension of being on the road that late.  Thankfully Steve is an incredible driver and thankfully we have angels watching over us as we go on our adventures.

We made it to Cathedral City at about four AM which is where we boon docked for the first time.  We were destined for my aunts house first, just outside of LA, to drop Fluffy off.  Poor Fluffy couldn’t come with us to Disneyland, and we weren’t about to leave her in the RV all alone for 10+ hours, two days in a row.  The nice thing about driving in LA traffic {which if you’ve never been there is absolutely horrendous, no matter what time of day} is that we always have a bathroom with us and we always have food with us.  I read a post on a Facebook group for Full-timing RVers that asked other full-timers if they had ever been asked to use their bathroom by a complete stranger.  It was a little surprising to see how many Full-timers had actually been approached!  Ha!

Our first overnight stay was at the Anaheim RV resort.  Coming from the Arizona desert we were pleasantly surprised with a beautiful green resort that had lots of trees, big open lots and friendly neighbors.  {That is one Huge plus of living in an RV- if you don’t like your neighbor you can Move!  Away!  Far far away!}  As for the downsides:  my only complaint is one of the #21stcenturyproblems and #firstworldproblems.  For the love of Pete I could Not get the WiFi to work at all!  Thankfully we were only there for one night but still!  I followed all the steps they provided but with no luck.  This particular campground had a secure WiFi where as the resort we had been staying at in Fort McDowell did have it’s own password, it was not a secure WiFi.  That brings me to our decision to buy a grandfathered JetPack plan.  We’ve heard nothing but good news about JetPacks from other Full-timers who travel as much as we do.

At this time, as I mentioned in the previous post, we were still dealing with the two front slides that we had to move in and out manually.  Steve and I would go outside to our underneath storage, get a battery, and with a red wire in my hand and a black wire in his hand, put it into whichever slide motor with the corresponding slide that we wanted to move in or out.  The funny thing was though that we had to re-remember every time which slots the wires went into for in or out.  Anyways, it was always a fun hassle.  Ha!  Luckily it didn’t bother us too much and we weren’t too prideful about not wanting to do that in front of others.  It was tacky but there wasn’t anything we could do about it.  Along with the slides there was a few other issues we were dealing with in the RV.  The adventure really does not ever stop.  Whether you have a brand spankin’ new RV or a 20+ year old RV there will be issues.  With a sense of humor that I like to call a mix between Steve Carrell and Jack Black, it’s been a very humorous almost 3 months in the RV with Steve.

After Disneyland Steve wanted to stay at the Malibu Beach RV Resort.  It was a little more expensive then another one he was looking at, and with a Thousand Trails membership we could get into a Thousand Trails Resort for free, but we went with the Malibu spot.  Why?  Because how often do you get to stay in Malibu?  Exactly.  When we left the Disneyland RV Resort and were on our way to the Malibu one I don’t know what happened but the most awful stench in the world was coming from the bathroom area.  I think the girls and I wanted to die.  If I wouldn’t have looked like such an idiot I would have stuck my head out the window.  The black tank is one thing that we were having the Biggest issues with for two and a half months.  We had tried EVERY air freshener we could get our hands on.  You can only handle spraying and smelling so much black tank + Febreeze though!  There was something else that needed to be taken care of but we didn’t know how.  Ugh!  Thankfully not everyone can smell the inside of your rig as your pulling up to Malibu Beach.  Ha!  {I would recommend to ANY RVer that the first thing you should buy is a King Flush or King Back Flush.  In essence it helps you to flush and clean out the black tank every time you dump it.  It has made a HUGE difference!}.

Before dropping like flies we made it to our lot number.  It happened to be the most beautiful view we could possibly imagine.  We walked out of our home to see this –


This is one thing we love the most about living in an RV.  We get the comforts of home wherever we go.  I’ve talked with Steve many times about this- it is going to be SO weird going back into a S&B after our adventure.  {When we were hiking up to Horseshoe Bend this past weekend, Steve and I hiked up there for the sunrise.  When we got back to the parking lot there’s our home waiting for us.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast of hot gluten-free homemade pancakes inside, complete with pure maple syrup and real butter.  You just don’t get that at a hotel}.

When we were backing into our lot our only neighbor {there was only room for two RV’s on the lookout where we were}, helped back Steve in.  One thing we’ve learned in the RV world is people are so nice.  They are incredibly helpful, in person and on the Fulltiming RV Facebook groups we are a part of.  They’ve saved us so many times.  After Steve was done backing in he went out to talk with the guy who had helped him.  Unfortunately I hadn’t stepped out, I was busy trying to get things settled in and organized inside.  Usually that’s what we do when we are setting up and packing up- Steve does the outside stuff and the girls and I do the inside.  It takes us both about the same amount of time.  I wish that the inside went faster but we have gotten the routine down pretty well now.  –  As Steve got talking with the guy whose name was Mike he found out a little bit more about him.  He worked in the music industry, he lived on the other side of the hills behind us in Agoura Hills, he had just gone to Universal Studios the day before {We were headed there the next day}, and he had a seven year old son.  I was surprised Steve didn’t ask him more details about what he did in the music industry as Steve is a musician himself.

The next day after we got back home from Universal Studios we watched as Mike and his family packed up.  And then it dawned on Steve that it was Mike Shinoda- the rapper in Linkin Park.  It never would have dawned on me that he was in that band.  He was very down to earth, not haughty at all, and was very nice to our family. I wonder what Mike thought about Steve- “Man, this is nice not being bugged by anyone!,” or, “This is hilarious, he doesn’t know who I am!”  Now we know, when you go to Malibu Beach RV Resort…











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