Time Flies…

It’s been a Month!  I don’t know where time goes but we sure have been having fun!  During the past month we’ve hiked Horton Springs in AZ, gone camping {which is not really camping in an RV}, hiked Tonto Natural Bridge, went to Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Parks, saw Horseshoe Bend {Amazing!}, and hit three other states outside of Arizona.  It’s been a busy month!

How it went down – On July 21st, we were in Cottonwood, AZ, and we were getting ready to head out fast so we could make it in time to see the Grand Canyon.  Steve and I had both seen the Grand Canyon but our daughters never had.  The girls and I had to have everything ready before Steve got home from work so that we could make it in time for the sunset.  We were at a beautiful Thousand Trails campground, the only one in Cottonwood, and we were on a sort of hill.  In order to get everything ready to go I was determined to get the car dolly hooked up to the RV so we could go faster.  You’ve got to milk every second you can at the Grand Canyon! So the girls and I are lugging the car dolly up the little hill, me pulling them pushing.  I did not realize how heavy those things are!  Right before we got to the RV there was that little hill we had to go down.  For the life of me I did NOT realize how to get that dolly safely down the hill!  Well it started to go and it was going fast!  Luckily at the last second it sort of halted to a stop.  For a second there I thought my legs were going to be cut off.  Ugh!

We headed out and made it to the Grand Canyon in time to see this:

Grand Canyon-2

And it ended with this:


The best time to be at the Grand Canyon.  It was magical.  We walked up to one of the lookouts and our 6-year-old exclaimed, “Oh my gosh!  This cannot be real!”  Her innocence in seeing one of God’s amazing creations was priceless.  We were able to walk up and down the trail way on the South Rim for some time and then we headed back to our home, in the parking lot.  I don’t know how long that will take some getting used to!  It is heavenly!  We were back on the road very shortly, that same night we headed up the Horseshoe Bend by Page, AZ in time to sleep in the parking lot and get up at sunrise.  I don’t even know how to explain how incredible that was.  Horseshoe Bend at sunrise is one of the most amazing scenes I have ever witnessed.  It was SO much bigger then I imagined.  There is a short little hike from the parking lot up to the bend.  At the start of the hike there are huge signs saying, “Extreme Heat Warning!”  We’re from Arizona so we thought no big deal of it.  Now at sunrise this is no biggie.  The air was still cool and we had just stepped out of our nice cool home.


While we were watching the sunrise come up over the mountains and the sun first touching the bright burnt orange of the bend Steve got his drone out and was enjoying the grandeur of it all.  It hadn’t been out more than three minutes when sure enough some lady goes up to him and explains that you can’t fly drones at National Parks.  Ok first off, Horseshoe Bend IS NOT a National Park.  Second, Steve had checked whether or not he could fly his drone and it was OK.  And third, he was in no photographers way of getting any epic shots.

After we had gotten back to the parking lot we woke up the girls and went to see Horseshoe Bend the second time that morning.  It was about 8:30 AM this time and Oh. My. Gosh. Next time we should just bring a swimming pool with us.  We were slammed with how intense the heat was. For native Arizonans, who are cold in 60 degree weather, it was BAD!  I can’t imagine how unbearable it was for people who are not natives.  Within seconds of hiking up hill you are dripping sweat.  On the way back, up and down, you might as well be wearing a swimming suit.  Thank goodness for an amazing view that makes it all worth it.  And on the way back it doesn’t hurt to have a nice homemade pancake breakfast waiting for you in your home.

We left Horseshoe Bend shocked that we had spent SO many times passing it by on the Highway and we had never stopped to see it.  That’s one thing I love about traveling in an RV.  Your aim is not to get there in good time.  Going 45 MPH uphill is not going to do that for you!  Your aim in a motorhome is to enjoy every place you get to visit.  It is a paradigm shift and one I’m thankful for.  After we finished our breakfast we headed up to Bryce Canyon.  This time we made it there in time to see:

Bryce Canyon-1

It was incredible!  I don’t think we could have asked for anything better to enjoy.  What an amazing 24 hours it had been.  I would do all of it again in a heart beat!

For anyone who’s driven from Utah to Arizona and vice versa knows that unless you drive through Las Vegas, you’re going to drive through a town called Panguitch, in Utah.  We were lucky enough to get to go to their parade for the 24th of July, on the 23rd.   And also northern Utah’s celebration for the 24th on the 25th of July.  Parties all around!


While we were in Panguitch for the short stay, we enjoyed the Best horseback rides all of us have ever had with one of Steve’s cousins!  When you gallop up and down the backwoods of Southern Utah, you gain much more appreciation for anyone who spends any amount of time on the back of a horse!  Avalee and I decided we need to tow horses on the back of our RV instead of a car.  Ha!  On Sunday after church it was back on the road we go.  Around sunset we pulled into our destination in Pleasant Grove, UT.

Everything all happened so fast in Pleasant Grove.  So many cousins and siblings and in-laws and friends.  It’s always bitter-sweet to be there.  Bitter because it reminds the girls we don’t live there and because we know we’ll have to leave eventually.

Well Steve’s brothers neighborhood sure knows how to throw a party! Every year there is a huge celebration for the Mormon Pioneer Heritage of the trek to the Salt Lake Valley.  Along with the celebration we also picked Apricots {it was the most ginormous Apricot tree I have ever seen.  I would not be surprised if there were one million apricots on it!}, had sleepovers in the RV, siblings test driving the RV, and music around the campfire.  Best summers ever.

Probably the biggest reason why we went on this loop de loop trip was to help Steve’s parents move from Northern California to Northern Utah.  Moving fiasco coming right up!

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