Dun Dun Dun….!

I think we should be allowed to move Harry Potter style.  You just shrink everything you own down to fit into a small luggage and off you go!  Ha!

We left Utah on July 27th somewhere around noon headed for the Bay area in northern California.  Shortly after we left we were able to see a first for us.  The Salt Flats are pretty spectacular to see!


It is so deceiving looking like snow!  It glistens the same but most definitely does not feel or taste the same.  The salt is way harder than I anticipated; you can hardly scoop any up!


{Driving through Nevada.}

Driving through northern Nevada is always exciting.  The sarcasm is thick my friend.  Nothing but flat desert and some mountains sans cactus.  After getting some pretty good pizza in Winnemucca at the Flying J, we were fortunate enough to spend the night boondocking with a dozen other RV’s in our first Walmart parking lot in Fernley.  This is the life people!  Ha!

We eventually made it to Concord where we were going to help with the last stages of moving Steve’s parents.  After living in the same home for thirty-nine years they were saying goodbye.  I can’t even imagine what that’d be like.  That’s like half of your life!  It was a very busy, very tiring, long weekend.  You know when you’re packing and you have like five more boxes left to pack and then your stuff starts multiplying?!  Ugh.  Bedtime is past 1 am and your rising with the sun.  They had such good support from their church friends and sons who flew out to help them drive the moving truck.

We were parked by a neighbor’s home this time because Steve’s parents didn’t have an ideal street to bring our RV down.  With no slides out, and Fluffy spending a good portion of the day inside the RV {with the air on!}, it was not the most ideal circumstances for the RV.  It’s never really fun when you have the slides but cannot use them.  There’s a shift in your thinking when you have to think about where everything is going to go when you are driving and the slides are in.  There was still too much stuff and we had our beloved book cart still, which always made it a jungle gym experience to get to the bathroom.

About a week ago I told my oldest daughter that we learn something new EVERY TIME we drive the RV.  She brightly said, “What’d you learn this time?!”  Ha!  Oh man….  {good story time headed your way!}.

Well on this particular trip we learned a couple of things.  First, if the book cart could not survive Utah’s mountains and California’s hills, then that was probably a good indication it wouldn’t last in the rest of the 50 states.  Boo.  Second, never, Never leave a jug of water with one of those pop tabs, sitting around in your RV Anywhere while you’re driving, except in the Fridge!  Someone, #daddyshallremainnameless, left a jug of water in the back room.  For obvious reasons it was knocked over and water was ALL over the backroom carpet and partly on the tile and in the bathroom.  I couldn’t figure out why everything was wet because the lid was on and there was no leak in the carton.  However it happened it happened.  Water in a house is a little bit different.  If you flood your carpet, fine, rip it up and get some new carpet and carpet pad.  For an RV it’s a bit different because everything is so close together so it not only gets on all the carpet but it was all over the cupboards and the wood that the bed sits on.  Then you go underneath the carpet and you’re talking about thousands of dollars worth of leaks because of the underneath damage it can cause.  There’s no cement that the carpet is touching.  It’s wood and then underneath storage, wires, pipes, etc.  It’s a whole different ballgame!  Thankfully the water hadn’t been sitting there too long and we were able to soak up most of it.  I haven’t noticed any damage to the wood so let’s just hope it’s OK!

If you ever get the chance to go to the Bay area, anywhere around Pleasant Hill, do NOT miss out on Zachary’s Pizza.  Oh. My. Heavenly.  It is so divine you’ll probably gain 10 pounds.  You’re welcome.

‘Twas a bitter minus the sweet day saying goodbye to Steve’s childhood home one last time.  Time is so surreal.  So infinite.  It is so interesting to watch it flash before your eyes.  What a memory that is packing their things up and seeing how empty their home was.  It was so empty it no longer felt like their home.  While I was writing about this the final day of packing I wrote a little poem that came to my mind pretty quickly.  Pure inspiration.


Today has been a busy day,

moving things our of your childhood home;

the place where you would laugh and play,

and run around and roam.

But you should know it is not things,

that makes a house a home.

The people you have laughed with and loved

are still around to see;

Family, will always be

What makes a house a home.

The memories you hold so dear

God will not take away;

But should you forget,

Do not fret,

For family makes a house a home.


Thank goodness for the memories.


{What our map looks like now after the loop de loop trip.}

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