Isn’t it Ironic?

On the days we drive the RV I plan on writing a blog post each time.  Well I just find it so funny that my plan was to write about one of the gosh darn funniest things that happened to us, So not funny at the time, when this morning one of THE most awful frustrating things happened to us Again!  Ah!  Literally every time we put the RV in drive another lesson ensues.  The problem is we just never know what that lesson is going to be.  Depending on your sense of humor, and your blood pressure, life can be a fun little roller coaster living in an RV.  Ha!

Let me reminisce with you…  One time one of the slides was coming in in the back bedroom and one of the little doors was opened slightly because some backpacks hung on it.  It was noticed too late and the slide cracked that door right off.  Nothing a little super glue can’t fix!

Or there’s the time when we were backing the car off of the dolly after we had just driven the RV to my grandpa’s house.  As we’re backing the car down, the hatchet on the dolly was sticking up in the prime position to rip that front bumper right off.  Three hundred US dollars later we’re as good as new.  Just to have the bike pedal rub up against our brand new bumper, the VERY next time we drove the RV, and scrape the paint off displaying some beautiful artwork.  Bike pedal artwork on our front bumper.  It looks like someone keyed it!  Ugh.

There’s the time when we were driving out to my friend Rachel’s house to have her take our family pictures with the RV, it was about an hour drive.  Well the whole time we were driving I kept hearing this screeching noise, it sounded that screeching rats or something!  Or like the wind was catching a garbage bag and blowing the heck out of it in our bathroom.  The latter is what Steve thought, he must have left the window up.  I obviously should have gone to check and see if it really was a garbage bag and window, or screeching rats, or whatever.  When we got to her house the girls and I went into Rachel’s house while Steve inspected.  The shower had been running the WHOLE time we were driving the RV soaking Fluffy’s thick doggy bed, because that’s where her doggy bed stays while we drive.  How in the world did the shower turn on when we were driving, I have no clue.  How?!

Or when we were driving down the road on a drive that would take about an hour, and ten minutes into the drive the propane alarm goes off.  Have you ever heard one of those?  It’s SO loud it feels like it could make you go deaf.  I was bawling it was so bad.  We pulled over finally and bought a new one.  When my husband took the old propane leak alarm off it had the date on it of when it was installed.  It was 14 years old!!!  They should be replaced every TWO years.  Glad we weren’t in the middle of nowhere.

Or today…  {someday Steve will look back and be able to laugh at this – today is not that day}, when Steve was driving the car onto the car dolly and for whatever reason, the angle, the bad luck, the rock and gravel I don’t know, but the front bumper caught on the car dolly and started to pull it off.  Thankfully it didn’t get pulled off completely, just slightly, and it was not bent.  It took an hour to find the right angle to get the car on with no more hazards and it was literally less than a centimeter clearance that he had to get the car over the dolly with the bumper hanging down. While we were trying to find that perfect angle to get the car on finally, and after some frustration and blowing raspberries, Steve got in the RV to drive it up the road just a bit to move the dolly off of the rock and onto the pavement.  Unfortunately he hadn’t checked everything outside.  Our power cord could be seen dragging and hanging outside, bouncing around underneath by the car dolly for about 20 meters as Steve drove away.  Steve could see it in the back up video and wondered what the heck that black rope was and then it dawned on him.  I thought something so much worse had happened!   I mean, this already had been a morning from hell in regards to the bumpers second fiasco!  Thankfully the power cord and the power box it was plugged into was completely fine.

Of all the stories we could tell about the lessons we’ve learned when we drive, this next one is hands down my favorite from the four months we’ve lived in the RV….!


We were driving up to go camping with our church group from Mesa heading up to the White Mountains area in Arizona.  Our girls were so lucky!  They were able to invite a few friends to drive with us in the RV up to our camping spot.  With seven little girls under the age of 9; 9, 7, 6, 6, 5, 3, 3, you can imagine the party that was in the RV!  One of our favorite CD’s to play on trips is a Spanish and Portuguese CD Steve got while serving a mission for our church in Cordoba, Argentina.  With 7 little girls and Spanish and Portuguese songs blaring you get a pretty good picture of how noisy it was!  Ha!  Those little girls are the ice cream in a fudge Sundae.  This is what memories are made of.

We were driving along and I was sharing with the girls different stories about growing up and what life was like for me at their age.  They would ask my girls and I what we liked about living in the RV.  Motion sickness came up, of course, because we were driving, and then in an inspired moment, {ha!}, I had the bright idea of sharing the experience of what it’s like to go to the bathroom while you’re driving up a mountain.  Don’t ask me why.  Or what I was thinking.  It’s just fun to see the kids excitement when you tell them different stories about RV life.  They laugh at everything and thoroughly enjoy it.  After we had been on the road sometime one of the older girls got up and said she had to go to the bathroom.

First, in an RV, the laws are different then riding in a car, obviously.  Legally car seat bound children do not have to be in a car seat, and you are allowed to go to the bathroom.  You can even cook while driving down the road, though I personally don’t – except I will press the on button on the Instant Pot to cook our dinner.  There are seat belts in the RV, of course for the two front captains chairs that are Always used while driving.  For our back two couches, one couch has three seat belts and one couch has one seat belt.  We wear them as much as possible but don’t while or if we are up.  So obviously going to the bathroom was no big deal to me.  What I had shared with them was that you don’t get motion sick while in the bathroom.  I thought that was really awesome because I get motion sick so easily but don’t in the bathroom thank goodness!

After going and coming back the little girl started washing her hands in the kitchen sink.  When the water wouldn’t work I told her to press the water pump button ON so that the water would work.  She did and it worked perfectly.  And we kept on driving.  And no one turned OFF the water pump.  That’s OK though right?

After about two hours of driving we were pulling onto a dirt road to get to our final destination.  I hear this noise that sounds like water is starting to spit out a faucet really rapidly, or rats screeching.  Either one works.  My first thought is, “Oh crap.”  I run to the bathroom and the old 80’s style faucet, you know the one where it’s one big fat knob that you tilt up and to the left if you want hot water and up and to the right if you want cold water and you tilt it down hard if you want to turn it off; the faucet is titled all the way up and water is barely spitting out of it.  How long had the faucet been in the “ON” position?  I run to the front of the RV to where our main panel is that shows how full the tanks are, black, grey, fresh water, propane, and how many watts we’re using, etc.  I check the fresh water tank – it’s completely EMPTY!  I check the grey water tank – it’s completely FULL!  This means that for our whole camping trip we would have absolutely NO water to use in our RV.  That faucet in the bathroom was turned on full blast for about two hours!

When we are boon docking we can make the fresh water tank last about four to five days!  That’s a ton of water!  When we leave a campsite one of the things we do Every time is fill up our fresh water tank, especially if we are camping or boon docking, and we Always always empty our grey water tank.  When we are not hooked up that means all the water that we use goes down the sink and into our grey water tank until we are hooked up again so we can empty the tank.  When we went to bed that night and were getting ready to put Fluffy to bed in the shower we opened the shower door and the shower was completely flooded with water.  When the fresh water tank empties it fills up the grey water tank.  If the grey water tank fills up it overflows into the shower.  Fluffy obviously didn’t sleep in the shower that night.  We weren’t able to empty the grey tank because you legally cannot empty the grey tank in any open field.  And since it was late at night we weren’t about to drive to a dump station.

I surprisingly wasn’t upset at all.  I actually laughed!  Yes it was super frustrating but it wasn’t done on purpose!  To give you a glimpse of how the weekend went in our RV – we were flushing the toilet with water bottle water!  Ha!  Now I know….  Now I know….

After some fun activities and talking and playing with friends, we even had three of those little girls back in our RV for a sleepover.  Because that’s what memories are made of.


Even after all of these most exciting stories that I know you’re jealous of, Ha!, I would STILL recommend RV life for everyone and anyone who desired to live this lifestyle.  Oh there are so many bumps in the road, literally and metaphorically, but which life doesn’t?  I feel so blessed that we get to have this opportunity.  Oh, and just for the record, it took my daughter three months to get used to using the RV toilet.  Not bad, eh?

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