The torture continues…

I wish I could tell you I didn’t remember the day before, and the day of, we finished loading everything up into the RV and headed to our first official overnighter as Full-timers.  But since its only been 23 days my memory is still intact for that day, unfortunately. We had one more big, fat…Read more »

Home Sweet Home {?}

Or is it? We were actually driving OUR RV off the lot!!  It was officially OURS!  And it was wonderful!  And we were screaming with joy!  And it was perfect!  And… After the sun had gone down, and the next day began, we were happily loading up our new home with our things, eager to…Read more »

In the Beginning

It was August 2015, when my husband {Steve} and I {Stacy } were itching to move.  Out of state.  Anywhere.  We needed a change and we wanted it now.  We were considering towns such as Medford, OR {who hasn’t heard of Oregon’s beauty?!}, Coeur d’alene, ID, anywhere in SC, and a few other places.  We…Read more »